R15 RC New Year’s Remarks


Members of Region 15,

As we move into a new year, I want to let you all know something that was announced over on the STARFLEET Members Only page. Effective at 12:01 this morning (1/1/2018) Fleet Admiral Robert Westfall has stepped down as Commander, STARFLEET. Dan Toole will be moving from the VCS position to the CS position and there will be some confirmations coming down the line. Robert has stepped down due to health reasons, so I would ask that you all please be respectful of his decision.

2017 has had its ups and downs. I have had a number of very difficult things happen over the last six months, but I am hopeful that they are behind me for now, and that I can go into 2018 on a high note. We have some big things coming up this year. Our 25th Anniversary as a Region, the 15th Anniversary of the 15th Brigade, a new Awards program, some further improvements to our communications channels, and more (I hope.)

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone in Region 15 and beyond. I look forward to what the new year will bring to the Region and the FLEET.

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


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