Welcome to Starbase 15, Headquarters of the 15th Fleet, Starfleet International


The Fifteenth Fleet (aka Region 15) is one of 20 geographic regions within STARFLEET — The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc., each region is comprised of Starfleet members and ships or stations known as chapters. Region 15 comprises of the following New England states located in the United States of America: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


Region 15 consists of both meeting chapters and correspondence chapters. Many of these chapters take part in monthly meetings to discuss chapter business and to plan chapter activities. Each chapter engages in their own activities which can include but not limited to online chats, movie nights, costuming, gaming, attending conventions, and fundraising for their chapter and selected charities.

Once a year many of our Region 15 members will come together for our Regional Summit, this will allow the members to share ideas on chapter and regional issues and activities, but in general it is a celebration of friendships and the enjoyment of sharing your interests with other like minded people.

All the chapters in Region 15 are actively seeking new members so please visit our Chapters page to find a Region 15 chapter that may best suit your needs. If it is your desire to start your own chapter within the Region feel free to contact the Region 15 Coordinator or any of the Chapter Commanding Officers. All you need is four or five friends who share the same interests and you will soon be traversing the galaxy.

Starfleet International – SFI.ORG

STARFLEET- The International Star Trek Association, Inc. was founded by Star Trek enthusiasts in 1974 and has become an international fan organization whose members (4500+) are united the world over in their appreciation of Star Trek. Our unique organization has over 220 chapters worldwide linking members from one corner of the Earth to the other into one huge fan run organization.

Members of STARFLEET are people of all ages and from all walks of life, who enjoy Sci-Fi in all its forms — the major motion pictures, the television series, and the numerous books and magazines. Our Prime Directive is to make new friends, share our interest in Star Trek in an open environment, to serve our community, and most of all: to have fun.

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, please click the link on the right or visit www.sfi.org for more information on how you can join.

We ask that you take a few minutes and look around. I think that you will find something of interest. We are a group that believes in having fun. Our unofficial motto is “If it’s not fun, why do it?

Check us out and tell us what you think. Thanks for stopping by!


Corey RC15


Commodore Corey Grant
Regional Coordinator
Region 15


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