R15 RC Election Update #3


Region 15,

As of this date the following people are candidates:

Paul Dyl
Corey Grant
James Knotts

The following chapter COs have submitted a vote:

USS George Washington
USS Panther
USS Lexington
USS Helen Pawlowski
USS Darwin
USS Hood
USS Nelson
USS Narraganset
USS Ares

The deadline for vote submissions from COs is May 30, 2018. Please submit
your votes to me at ig@sfi.org by that date. This will be my last update
before the close of the voting period. On the May 31 after I tally the
votes I will send the results of who won to the Commander STARFLEET and
will alert the candidates of what percentage of votes they received. If
you sent me a vote and I sent you a acknowledgement notice but don’t see
your chapter listed please email me so I can verify that you voted. Thank

Live long and prosper,

Commodore Stephen Stott
Inspector General STARFLEET


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