R15 RC Announces His Resignation


Good morning,

It is after much deliberation that I must announce my resignation as Regional Coordinator effective June 1, 2018.

This was not an easy decision to make. I sought this position, not because I wanted “to be in charge” of anything, but rather because I saw a way that I could assist this Region and this organization that has given much to me over the last 25+ years. I came in with some great ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. Many of those ideas have been implemented and I think it has helped the Region grow stronger.

It is not because of anyone or anything on the FLEET side that I have chosen to make this decision. Since shortly after taking office, I have been dealing with a series of difficulties in most aspects in my life; my health and that of family, major changes at work along with an increase in stress and hours, and many other things.

The continued stress has been wearing and it makes it increasingly difficult to give STARFLEET the proper time and respect that it deserves. As such, my duty is clear.

While I was not able to accomplish everything that I had set out to, I feel that I will leave the Region in better shape than when I started.

I believe that there should be enough time for a full election cycle to take place between now and June 1, so that we can allow for a smooth transition to the next Regional Coordinator.

I want to thank the Regional staff for stepping up and taking on their positions to help Region 15 to prosper. We have had some ups and downs, but I would like to believe that there have been more ups than downs.

Thank you all for giving me the chance to serve. I am hopeful that when the current stresses lessen, that I will be able to serve in a higher capacity once more. Until then, I will be stepping back so that STARFLEET does not add stress, but rather is a way to relax and enjoy the fandom that we all love.

With respect and my sincere thanks,

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


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