R15 Holiday Gathering


Members of the region will be gathering for lunch on Saturday, December 2 @ the Uno Pizzeria in Braintree. Afterwards, there is time for socializing, the mall next door, Dave and Buster’s next door on the other side, and a theater across the street and around the back.

The Address is: 250 Granite Street Braintree, MA 02184

We will be gathering around noon.

Please share with your crews and have everyone RSVP. We have seating for about 30, but we can get a little more than that if needed, but if we go beyond that, some people may be seated away from the group.

I am looking for a volunteer to help facilitate Toys for Tots this year. Unfortunately, I have limited space so I cannot do so at this time. If you, or a member can attend and wish to volunteer, please email me directly at the address below.

Thank you

MGEN E. Jerry Beaulieu
Regional Coordinator Region 15
CO USS Ares, NCC-63591
95th MSG, Martian Modulators


R15 Members working the SFI Table at the RI Comic Con




Above, members of Region Fifteen man the STARFLEET Table at the RI Comic Con that was held on November 10 through November 12. In the picture above from left to right: FCPT Dave Forrand (USS Darwin), Cadet MCPO Dalton Knotts (USS Narragansett), Cadet MCPO Kathryn Anzaldi (USS Narragansett), LT Paul G Dyl (USS Helen Pawlowski) and VADM Paul C Dyl (USS Helen Pawlowski).